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A Collection of Mini Quilts and My Etsy Store

A Collection of Mini Quilts and my Etsy store

First of all, I wanted to use this post to announce the re-opening of my Etsy store. It has been quite awhile since I have posted anything for sale but that is going to change! I had a lot of fun making these little gems and look forward to making many more.

I have a plastic bin in my craft cupboard that I use to collect extra quilt blocks. Usually, when I am designing my own quilt tops, I make way too make blocks plus some quilt patterns I use leave me with extras… I can’t bear to just toss these so I have been collecting them. Recently I decided to go through this bin and see what I could come up with.
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Brick Quilt Using Comma Fabric by Zen Chic

Comma Fabric by Zen Chic

Are you a fabric shopper like I am? It seems like when I am out shopping for something specific, I can never find what I want, so when I do see something that calls to me, I usually buy it. That is how I have ended up with a cupboard full of fabric packs and quilt kits.

This happened to make a couple years ago when I was at quilt retreat. The shop that was teaching the classes had brought half of their store with them, including some delicious fabric bundles that had just bought at quilt market. The fabric bundle I fell in love with was called Comma by Zen Chic (Moda).
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