18 DIY Fabric Pumpkins

18 DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween.  You can also use pumpkins to decorate for the fall season or Thanksgiving.  Plain pumpkins sometimes just won’t do though, how about jazzing up your pumpkins with fabric or making pumpkins out of fabric?

Many of these fabric pumpkins are simple to make. For some you need to use a little bit of sewing skills but for others there is no sewing required.  Some of them use pumpkins (not real ones) as part of the craft and other simple use pumpkins as inspiration.

DIY Burlap Pumpkins with Real Stems1 – DIY Burlap Pumpkins with Real Stems from A Diamond in the Stuff

DIY Fabric Pumpkins2 – DIY Fabric Pumpkins from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Ruffled Fabric Pumpkins3 – Ruffled Fabric Pumpkins from My Blessed Life

Super Easy No Sew Fabric Pumpkin4 – Super Easy No Sew Fabric Pumpkin from Whimsy Love

Scrappy Pumpkin Tutorial5 – Scrappy Pumpkin Tutorial from Gingercake

 Mod Podge Fabric Pumpkins6 – Mod Podge Fabric Pumpkins from A Pumpkin & a Princess

Fabric Halloween Pumpkin Basket7 – Fabric Halloween Pumpkin Basket from Craft Passion

Yo-Yo Pumpkin Tutorial8 – Yo-Yo Pumpkin Tutorial from Crafter Without a Cat

Pumpkin Wall Hanging9 – Pumpkin Wall Hanging from Craft Elf

Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag10 – Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag from Sewing.org

Vintage Fabric Pumpkins11 – Vintage Fabric Pumpkins from Dirt Stains and Paint

 Woven Fabric Pumpkin12 – Woven Fabric Pumpkin from Every Creative Endeaver

Sweater Pumpkin13 – Sweater Pumpkins from StoneGable

Rosette Pumpkin Pillow14 – Rosette Pumpkin Pillow from Girl Loves Glam

Mini Fabric Pumpkin15 – Mini Fabric Pumpkin from V and Co.

Scrappy Fabric Pumpkin Ornament16 – Scrappy Fabric Pumpkin Ornaments from Thrifty Fun

Polka Dot Pumpkins17 – Polka Dot Pumpkins from Tatertots & Jello

Grungy Primitive Pumpkin Ornie18 – Grungy Primitive Pumpkin Ornie from Tattered Sisters

I am now going to start gathering old sweaters, burlap, and plastic pumpkins to whip up decorations. How about you?