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How I Made Elsa and Anna Princess Costumes

My granddaughter loved the movie Frozen and was pleased when I showed up at her birthday party with my own version of Elsa and Anna’s dresses. They would also make great Halloween costume!

Frozen's Elsa and Anna Princess Dresses

I got the pleasure of going to see Frozen with my granddaughter Blake when it was in the theater. Her response to the movie was priceless so much so that this movie will always have a special place in my heart. When my daughter started planning Blake’s 3rd birthday and decided to make it a princess theme, I decided I would make her a Princess Elsa dress to wear to the party. Of course, I also needed to make a Princess Anna dress for Tatum, my 18-month-old granddaughter! (My grandson was also at the birthday party and was feeling a little left out so we let him wear Anna’s cloak along with his own crown.)
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Grandma’s Birthday Quilt

While I have been jumping around a little bit, I am trying to post my quilts in the order that I made them (somewhat)…  This was the 3rd quilt I made (in case you missed them, the first one was a Simple Rail Fence and the second was a super-hard quilt called Flying Home).

Grandma's Birthday Quilt

Remember the memory bears I posted about awhile back? They were made from grandma’s clothes. It was that grandma I made this quilt for. She seemed so excited when I started quilted I immediately wanted to make something for her so I chose this quilt and worked hard on it to get it done in time to be a birthday gift.
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