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20 Pencil Cases to Sew

I am always looking for an excuse to sew bags or pouches, so finding some pencil cases to sew seemed like a timely project!

20 Pencil Cases to SewYou might be thinking there isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to sewing pencil cases, but all you have to do is scan this list real fast to see that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  You can find projects that are simple enough for a child or beginner and more complicated projects too. There is definitely something for all ages to enjoy.
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The Big Easy Tote Dilemma

The Big Easy Tote DilemmaAt times, I wonder why my fabric stash is so huge…  Then, I go to the fabric store and I realize why – even if I go just to pick up something specific, I always go overboard.  I see too many amazing fabrics and get too many bright ideas and end up leaving with much more than I came for.  That is how Big Easy Tote (affiliate link) dilemma started.

This tote bag is one of the classes that is being offered at a quilting and crafting retreat I will be attending next month. I certainly don’t need another bag – no matter if it is a purse or tote – but I couldn’t resist this one. After all, it is an expanding tote bag that you can “un-button, un-snap, and un-zip to fit all your needs.

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