The Big Easy Tote Dilemma

The Big Easy Tote DilemmaAt times, I wonder why my fabric stash is so huge…  Then, I go to the fabric store and I realize why – even if I go just to pick up something specific, I always go overboard.  I see too many amazing fabrics and get too many bright ideas and end up leaving with much more than I came for.  That is how Big Easy Tote (affiliate link) dilemma started.

This tote bag is one of the classes that is being offered at a quilting and crafting retreat I will be attending next month. I certainly don’t need another bag – no matter if it is a purse or tote – but I couldn’t resist this one. After all, it is an expanding tote bag that you can “un-button, un-snap, and un-zip to fit all your needs.

You need 4 to 5 coordinating fabrics to make this tote. So, one morning I grabbed the pattern and set off to the fabric store to see if I can find a combination I like.  There are times when I go to find fabric for a project, and I can’t find anything that motivates me. This isn’t one of those times…

green brown blue purse fabric

When I was wondering around, this blue, green, and brown flower print caught my eye right away.  I turned around and looked on another shelf and spotted the green print that matched perfectly.  The two blue prints I actually found on clearance for half price.

While I was perusing the other clearance fabrics, I ran across this great bird print…

blue bird tan fabric

I don’t know why I was so drawn to it, but I was. On the same clearance shelf, I spotted the other two blue prints. All three of these went together so well I figured it must have been a sign.  Right? I completed this collection with a plain, tan fabric that was even on sale for 50% off. So I figured I would buy them too – after all, I could make 2 totes and perhaps give one away as a gift.

I had the 8 bolts of fabric in my cart and was heading towards the cutting table when something caught my eye…

navy and green fabric

I immediately fell in love with this wavy lime and navy print. I have been a huge fan of lime green for a long time, and, paired with navy blue, I couldn’t resist. Before I knew It, I had that bolt in my cart along with the three other fabrics in the picture.

So, now you see why I have a dilemma! Should I make 3 different Big Easy Tote bags or just make one or two and save the other set of fabrics for another project? Oh well, I guess I still have a month to figure it out!

Sometimes I feel like I am horrible at picking out fabrics that go together, but, I guess when I get on a roll,  it is like a boulder rolling downhill! Oh well, what’s a gal to do? What would you do?

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3 thoughts on “The Big Easy Tote Dilemma

  1. Hi – I am in love with that navy and green wavy fabric. Can you tell me the name of the fabric manufacturer and the line? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Erica, Sorry, I do not know the manufacturer but I can tell you I got it at JoAnn fabrics.

  2. Hi Sherri, I too would have purchased them all. They are all just Devine! Like all quilters I live by the rule, too much is never enough. Love your choices. I am now going to search for the Tote B ag pattern book you have pictured as I’m looking for a particulate tote!. Kind regards.

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