loco1 (2)Welcome to my Hidden Treasure crafts and quilts site, where I hope you will discover many hidden gems!

While I have been crafting most of my 47+ years, it wasn’t until my kids were little that I started sewing.  Even then, I mainly stuck with sewing doll clothes and Halloween costumes.  Sewing clothing intimidated me and I didn’t do it often.

About 12 years ago a friend asked if I wanted to take a quilting class with her. Reluctantly, I said yes and there has been no stopping me since then.  So far, I have made more than 150 quilts. I have saved pictures and descriptions of most of them and I hope to be able to share them here.

Once I started quilted, I have become a lot more comfortable with my sewing machine and have started sewing more that just doll clothes and Halloween costumes.  I really enjoy sewing purses and tote bags and have way too many closets full! Hopefully I will be sharing those with you too.

(Picture here is my sweet chihuahua and sewing companion.  He has his bed on the corner of my sewing table and lays there — um, supervises — while I sew.)

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  1. I’m looking for a simpliciy pattern 5461 for sewing teddy bears. I see one on your website but don’t know how to get it. Is there a phone number I can call to order? I wanted to make some bears for Christmas and misplaced my pattern.

    1. Have you tried JoAnn Fabrics or your local fabric store? I would also check the Simplicity web site…

  2. Wanted to see if you know we’re I can find the pattern you use for the bears. I have looked many places and was told they no long make pattern. Or do you know of one like it.

  3. Hi is there a phone number I could talk with you? I would like to have a few memory bear made for myself and even family members with my mothers clothes. I lost my mom last year and I would love to have some bears made in her memory for myself and Family.

  4. I’m going to make a quilt using Crown Royal bags and I love your ‘Up North’ version! Where did you find the cabin border fabric? Also what size is yours? I’m not sure where to start for measuring/yards of fabric to purchase for a King size. Any help would be ever so appreciated!!!

    1. It is approximately 72 x 90 if I did my math correctly… (Each block is a finished size of 6″ and then the borders…. I got the cabin fabric at our local Ben Franklin store but it was several years ago so that line may not be available any more.

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