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Grandma’s Birthday Quilt

While I have been jumping around a little bit, I am trying to post my quilts in the order that I made them (somewhat)…  This was the 3rd quilt I made (in case you missed them, the first one was a Simple Rail Fence and the second was a super-hard quilt called Flying Home).

Grandma's Birthday Quilt

Remember the memory bears I posted about awhile back? They were made from grandma’s clothes. It was that grandma I made this quilt for. She seemed so excited when I started quilted I immediately wanted to make something for her so I chose this quilt and worked hard on it to get it done in time to be a birthday gift.
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Comma Zen Strip Quilt Tutorial

In my last post, I shared some fabric I had found and fell in love with (Comma Fabric by Zen Chic). I also shared two brick block quilt tops I made using the fabric. If you read through this post, you might remember that I only used 25 of the 40 fat quarters that came in the bundle. My daughter had fallen in love with a strip quilt she saw on Pinterest so I decided to try making a similar one for her.

While I had plenty of fat quarters left to make this Comma Zen strip quilt, and that was my original plan, I actually made this quilt mainly using scraps from brick quilt tops. I did, however, cut a few strips from each of the leftover fat quarters, but I had enough fabric left for even one more quilt top.
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