His and Hers I Love Grandma Baby Quilts

His and Hers I Love Grandma Baby Quilts

I figured now was the perfect time to post about the quilts I made for my 4 grandkids back in December of 2012 (2 boys — Mason and Easton and 2 girls — Blake and Tatum). Now is the perfect time to post because I just pulled these pictures out because I am going to be making a few more and I needed to refer to the picture for guidance!

Funny how much things have changed since I made these… At the time I made these, I had almost 4 grandkids (Tatum was born on January 2nd, 2013) and now today that number has doubled! Even though I made 4 of these, I have them in my quilt scrapbook as quilt #116.

Now, while I should be making 4 more of these for the 4 newest grands, I am actually making 3 and 2 of those 3 are to replace Blake and Tatum’s. The girls have used theirs quite a bit and still do so they have become a bit tattered. Because they take them everywhere, I figured I would give them new ones. If you know kids at all, you know I have to make them the same as before if there is any hope for them to use them. 🙂

These small quilts (measuring 32″ x 40″) where made using a variety of textured fabrics — I Love Grandma flannel, Brown and light green Minkee Bumps, turquoise and purple flannel-backed satin, pink chenille, and pink and blue fur.

Each quilt is constructed of 80 4 1/2-inch squares. It was very easy to make, just be aware that the Minkee and fur can be messy to cut and they like to stretch when you are sewing them.

Granddaughters quilt

grandsons quilt

The back of each quilt is more of the Minkee Bump fabric. When it came to quilting, I did a simple stitch in the ditch.

The binding was flannel, and I used the alphabet stitching on my machine to write “Grandma Loves {insert grands name}” on the binding. I also inserted a music button in one of the corners (it played Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) but I won’t be doing that again because they just did not last long enough to make it worthwhile.

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