Elliot’s Crown Royal Quilt

Elliot's Crown Royal Quilt

Awhile back, I shared the Crown Royal quilt I made for my husband (My Up-North Crown Royal Quilt #137), and when one of our cabin neighbor’s saw it they asked if I could make them a quilt using those same purple, flannel bags. As much as a pain in the butt as those bags are, to work with, I didn’t hesitate to say yes when Elliot asked because he is such a great kid! So began my 150th quilt project….

He brought me a huge bag of Crown Royal bags and explained what he wanted and the quilt pictured here is what I can up with. while I like to perhaps get a little more creative with my quilt projects, he wanted the quilt top to be mainly bags so turning the backs and front of the bags different ways was the best I could do (which was obviously good enough because he loved it)!

Crown Royal Quilt Block

Basically, I cut 140 6 1/2-inch squares from the front and back of the Crown Royal bags and sewed them together. I added a gold inner border that was 2 1/2-inches wide and then the outer border was made by cutting 3 1/2-inch strips from even more Crown Royal bags.

elliots crown royal quilt back

For the back, I found some “up-north” themed fabric since his plan was to ue the quilt at his cabin. He wanted a lasp-sized quilt but it ended up being closer to a twin… It measured about 70-inches x 94-inches. When it came to the quilting, I did a simple meandering.