26 Fabric Scrap Jewelry Tutorials

26 Fabric Scrap Jewelry Tutorials

One of my resolutions this year is to try projects that use up some of the fabric in my stash rather than shopping for new fabric…  I know, it is a tough resolution… But, I am determined to keep it.

Some of the fabrics that are available today are so amazing, it is a shame to let even a small scrap go to waste, so that I why I thought smaller projects would be perfect and jewelry certainly fits the bill! Many of these projects are also a great way for non-sewists to be able to use some of the amazing fabrics that are available without having to sew.

So many amazing fabric scrap jewelry projects and so little time…  Where should I start? Which one will you try first?

1 Fabric Chain Necklace1 – Fabric Chain Necklace at From Rags to Riches

Fabric Bead Bracelet Tutorial2 – Fabric Bead Bracelet Tutorial at Henry Happened

DIY Fabric Pendants3 – DIY Fabric Pendants at The Remodeled Life

Anthro Knockoff Akela Necklace4 – Anthro Knockoff Akela Necklace at Flamingo Toes

Little Fabric Scrap Earrings5 – Little Fabric Scrap Earrings at Tiny Apartment Crafts

Crazy Quilt Ping Pong Ball Necklace6 – Crazy Quilt Ping Pong Ball Necklace at Make Magazine

Sweet Hankie Bracelets7 – Sweet Hankie Bracelets at My So Called Crafty Life

Ruffle Necklace Tutorial8 – Ruffle Necklace Tutorial at Happy Together

DIY Fabric Flower Earrings9 – DIY Fabric Flower Earrings at The Moptop Maven

Rosette Necklace10 – Rosette Necklace at Brittney’s Bidget Crafts

Scrap Fabric Necklaces11 – Scrap Fabric Necklaces at Small Magazine

Fabric Scrap Bracelets12 – Fabric Scrap Bracelets at Saved by Love Creations

Pom Pom Bib Necklace Tutorial13 – Pom Pom Bib Necklace Tutorial at Little Miss Momma

Rosette Bracelet Tutorial14 – Rosette Bracelet Tutorial at So I Saw This Tutorial

Knotted Bracelet Made from Recycled Fabric15 – Knotted Bracelet Made from Recycled Fabric at Dollar Store Crafts

Fabric Covered Button Jewelry16 – Fabric Covered Button Jewelry at Random Nicole

Cloth Wrap Bracelet17 – Cloth Wrap Bracelet at Washingtonian

Mini Fabric Pom-Pom Necklace18 – Mini Fabric Pom-Pom Necklace at Stay at Home Artist

Belt-Style Fabric Bracelet19 – Belt-Style Fabric Bracelet at Bayou Bags

Stiffened Fabric Jewelry20 – Stiffened Fabric Jewelry at Craftypod

DIY Pearl and Bow Bracelet21 – DIY Pearl and Bow Bracelet at The Mother Huddle

Fabric Flower Earrings22 – Fabric Flower Earrings at Happy Together

Fabric Charm Necklaces23 – Fabric Charm Necklaces at 52 Mantels

Rope Bracelet Tutorial24 – Rope Bracelet Tutorial at Sew.Craft.Create

Beaded Fabric Flower Necklace Tutorial 25 – Beaded Fabric Flower Necklace Tutorial at Pretty Ditty

5 Minute Fabric Wrapped bracelets
26 – 5 Minute Fabric Wrapped Bracelets at Creme de la Crafts

Now, please excuse me now while I go dig through my fabric bins to see what kind of fun fabrics I can find!

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